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kstewlims is a Limms Community dedicated to the actress Kristen Stewart, best known for roles in The Twilight Saga, Adventureland and Panic Room. Each week a new challenge will be posted until there is one icon-maker standing. To either make icons or vote, please join.
(1) All icons must be compatible with Livejournal.
(2) No animations are allowed, and only one icon can be submitted at once, unless otherwise stated.
(3) Your icon must remain anonymous until results are posted.
(4) No voting for yourself or recruiting other people to vote for you.
(5) You may only use the pictures provided, unless otherwise stated.

(1) To submit an icon, leave a comment on the submission post. Comments will be screened.
(2) Please upload your icons to Tinypic to help keep submissions anonymous.
(3) Post both the icon with the link.
(4) Have fun!